T.C.. KÜLTÜR VE TURİZM BAKANLIĞI. Kültür Varlıkları ve Müzeler Genel Müdürlüğü. MAYIS DENİZLİ. KAZI SONUÇLARI. TOPLANTISI. 2. CİLT. Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı I, 29 Mayıs. 2 Haziran i Ankara, T.C.Kültür Bakanlığı Milli Kütüphane Basımevi, ss. , Ankara. YALÇINKAYA. T.C.. KÜLTÜR VE TURİZM BAKANLIĞI. Kültür Varlıkları ve Müzeler Genel Müdürlüğü. MAYIS DENİZLİ. KAZI SONUÇLARI. TOPLANTISI. 3. CİLT.

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Thursday, December 14, Open Access Journal: Posted by Charles Jones at 1: AnatoliaarchaeologyTurkey.

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En l’an The Future of the Past. Open Philology Project digitized books Loading I moved it to its own space here beginning in The primary focus of the project is notice and comment on open access material relating to the ancient world, but I will also include other kinds of networked information as it comes available. AWOL is the successor to Abzua guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world, founded at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago in Together they represent the longest sustained effort to map the development of sonhclari digital scholarship in any discipline.


The egyptologist Georg Steindorff: A heritage in l A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian: Corpus of Glass Technological Texts Ceramic manufacturing techniques and cultural trad A Case Study fo Women of Ancient History: A crowdsourced list of f Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths.

Coming of Age in Byzantium: Annual Review of the Royal In Revista de Arte, Arqu Revue de Linguistique Latine Studies in Digital Heritage New from Luminos: Language of the Snakes: Network Neutrality Open Access Journal: Journal of the Classica The Proto- Masoretic Text: A Ten-Part Series by P A flexible and robust web interface for Bulletin of the History of Ar Journal of World-Systems Rese Open Access Monograph Series: Open Access Dissertations at University of Pretori Le Bulletin du Centre de rech Place Names in the Hebr Liban, Syrie, Jordanie, Isra A Window on Syria’ The Journal of Ancient Egypti News from the Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Pr Dittenberger-Vahlen Collection of Classical Texts Reviews and ratings of Biblical Open Access Archaeology Loading Contributors Charles Jones Tom Elliott.


Digital Approaches to Antiquity Loading EducationOpen AccessAncient Studies.