DUA’A 78 It is written in Kanzul Maknun to recite the following verse of Al Baqarah between wudu (ablution) and salat for increase in sustenance. WA ID’ AA. It is written in Kanzul Maknun to write the following du-a’a on a paper like a Ta’ wid and bind it on the right arm of the grown up girl who is not. It is written in Kanzul Maknun, on the authority of the Holy Prophet, if the following du-a’a is recited after praying a 2 rakat salat, it increases sustenance.

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Praise be to Allah who has kept my sustenance in His own hand and did not give it to other people like me from whom I may have to seek it.

Give alms to the poor. So “fear Allah as He ought to be feared and do not die until you are true Muslim. It is thus necessary to maknnu say these supplications since great rewards will be given to those who do not neglect so. And believe in that which I have sent down, verifying that which is with you, and do not be the first to deny it, nor take a mean price in exchange for My signs, and Me alone should you fear.

So teach me a supplication to pray to Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, by it so that He gives me to repay my debts and maintain my family.

Dua’a to combat Black Magic –

Then they should say salawat and all those who have come with them should also say salawat and amin. DUA’A 81 According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq, to increase sustenance and have abundant means of livelihoodkeep written surah al Hijr in the purse, picket or box.


Allah is benign to His servants. I begin it by no might or power of mine. Posted July 30, Inshallah all hindrances will disappear. And whoever trusts in Allah, He is sufficient for him, surely Allah makun His purpose, Allah indeed has appointed a measure for everything.

O the Living, O the Everlasting. Indeed You, if you entrust him to Your creatures he will not benefit and if you leave him upon his relatives he would be deprived. It is written in Kanzul Knzul that the blood of man can be congealed by sorcery, so as to render him incapable of sleeping with any woman.

For some time, he studied under him.

duas for marriage – Social/Family/Personal Issues –

So her Lord accepted her with a good acceptance and made her grow up a good growing, and gave her into the charge of Zakaria; whenever Zakaria entered the sanctuary to see her, he found with her food. O most ample-giver of all those who may give.

O the Beneficent in this world and the Hereafter. At the end recite salawat times repeat this amal till your legitimate desires are satisfied.

I pray Your protection, O my God, against the evil of this world. Then he will not take it off but that Allah will widen his sustenance and open for him doors of earnings from where he has least expected and it is as follows:. The Sayyid therefore taught him a supplication kanul would relieve him from poverty and bring him good sustenance.

Verily Allah accomplishes His purpose Allah has indeed prescribed a measure for every thing. I am seeking Your favor, as You have ordered me to do. O Makbun, if my sustenance in the sky, then please send it down to me. Inspite of growing up to the age of sexual maturity, if a boy or a girl has not received a suitable offer of marriage, recite surah al Ajzab chapter 33 regularly. The opinions expressed in this journal are of the author and not necessarily of Naseeb.


Kanzul Maknun

The Beneficent of the world and the hereafter and their Merciful, You bestow from the two what You like and prevent from the two what You like, repay for me my debt. DUA’A 89 Makhun the following verses 40, 41, 42 of al Baqarah 21 times daily after Fajr salat for 40 days for having rizq akbar large means of sustenance.

Allah swt has guaranteed your livelihood and has commanded you to act. And You are informed and knowing about him. As if the Sayyid had already known about the dream, he welcomed the man and smiled in his face. Maknhn your identity with Naseeb journals. After Isha prayer Dua for Rizq.

You are kaanzul only hope, and O the one to show mercy on everything, have mercy on me. Yaa sababa kulli dhee sabab.

DUA’A 88 According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq recite the following du-a’a times daily for two months to have rizqi akbar large means of sustenance. Al-Kahf 18vs.