An intermediate tutorial for JOGL (Java OpenGL binding). JOGL Tutorial, JOGL online Tutorial with reference manuals and examples. Alternatives to JOGL include open-source LWJGL (Light-Weight Java Game Library) @ This tutorial assumes that you have sufficient knowledge.

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Setting Up Download Source Codes: To make things simpler, we will draw only one large solar panel, which goes straight through the cylinder. You can subscribe to these events by creating a net. The use of color picking is NOT recommended on any hardware whose palette is joogl emulated.

tuforial Add an orbit with a primitive satellite. After you confirm that you accept the license agreement for JDKyou can select which version of Java you need, for this tutorial I will use Java SE 8 64 bits for Windows you can follow along on OS X, the procedure is essentially the same: All these methods are call-back methods.

Again, go to the display method and replace the triangle section at the end: The animator thread which should be a field in our class expects a GLCanvas and the frame rate setting here: The constructor specifies the initial size of the window as well as the minimum capabilities requirements to OpenGL.

And then, we draw the same sphere as before — the result:. Nehe’s Lesson 9 “Moving Bitmaps in 3D space”: Jogk will notice that although the 3D coordinates are evenly spaced, the triangle on screen is not. To run the program as an applet, you can simply add an applet launching class as jolg to launch jofl main renderer class.


You see that a lot is going on. Two steps need to be taken: How do I use Jogl”. The necessary JOGL jar-files are provide by the jogamp server. As always, please follow the code by inspecting the MyJoglCanvasStep4. You can retrieve the graphics context from a drawable as follow: This guide is meant for JOGL tutoriaal. Seen from the south pole, and that is because GLU always paints at 0, 0, 0 and along the z-axis; and we are looking along the z-axis into the monitor.

Having that, once again we go into the display method, this time computing the orbit position and drawing a satellite silver cylinder plus textured panel. All the Override methods from above were generated by Eclipse based on the declaration of the GLEventListener interface.

Ambient light is just everywhere, with no particular tutprial no “3D effect” with this. If you run the above code, you should see a nice black window, OpenGL uses black as the default color for clearing the color buffer.

Create a planet sphere. We can put all our code in the Main class, but it will quickly become a mess of static functions and variables.

JOGL Tutorial

Note that we could also have used satelliteTexture. First, construct a GLProfilewhich specifies the target profile of your application, e. To track the current position, we will simply store a satelliteAngle Customize for NetBeans 7.

And now, someone could resize the window: As a nice feature of JOGL, we can decorate tutoiral with a DebugGLwhich will supply us with stacktraces on exceptions as opposed to simply crashing as it does in C. Above, you first see that we specify the draw style. But we do not only specify the vertices “corners”: The capabilities simply define what you want from the underlying OpenGL implementation. The profiles are beyond the scope of this tutorial. There is a variation called ” JGears.


JOGL (Java OpenGL) Tutorial

You can find the latest version of JOGL at http: A sphere is actually drawn using a lot of quads “rectangle floating in space”. Thanks for leaving a part of your attention span here, and have a good time! Here, I show the sample code ‘s display function which renders several polygons.

Now going to the init method: Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? Active Directory Interview Questions.

Ignoring the displayChanged method, we come to the last and most important one: A positive z coordinate is coming out of the screen, a negative into the screen. And now, someone could resize the window:.

Getting started with JOGL (OpenGL bindings for Java) in Eclipse

The result looks like the following:. The jogl ‘s and gluegen ‘s jar-files are kept in the ” jar ” sub-directory. Customize for Eclipse 4. Take note that you should include the current working directory ‘. Add tutorrial earth texture to the planet. JOGL provides two drawables in package javax.