In early Henriette Lannes and her husband M. Tracol entered into Mme de Salzmann’s circle at Sevres, France. The meeting with de Salzmann produced a . by Henriette Lannes, Susan Murphy, John Roger Barrie, Llan Amit, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Buber, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Trebbe Johnson, David Sander and others. Inside a Question [Henriette Lannes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The large and still important group which she accordingly built in Lyon later served by Henri Thomasson held her interest and commitment to her life’s end. Franco Bernard is currently reading it Sep 10, But it is as concrete as that. Active in London for nearly three decades; coping with all the difficulties of exile and a foreign language; subsuming the powerful resistance which any powerful affirmation lawfully evokes — this remarkable human being guaranteed here the Work’s ethos, dynamic, and trajectory.

In us a conscious attention is missing. Madame Lannes had visions of a Gurdjieff Work with a wholesome social face, which slowly, over decades or even centuries, would act as a alnnes leaven in diurnal life; she even foresaw the institution of special schools and hospitals.

Inner work is inner penetration.


She knew all her pupils in their individual idiocy and individual potential, and by a dangerous and exacting empathy shocked them into opening their eyes. It has no stability, no continuity.

This Fundamental Quest This question of attention is very serious, but our experience remains limited. The social context of this meeting challenges today’s imagination. It is an assimilation, quite comparable on a different level, to what our body does with food — in order to live. To ‘sum up’ such a life would be an impertinence. Foster Blake added it Apr 17, We can see that our habitual attention is much too fleeting. Jeff Meyers added it Jun 10, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

And, nevertheless, history henriete due every crumb of contemporary witness.

Henriette H. Lannes

Works of Henriette LannesLondon: Natalia Guerrero rated it did not like it Jan 29, The Curtain Falls For more than a quarter of a century Henriette Lannes worked on unremittingly, never deviating from her commitment to Gurdjieff alone.

In the charged atmosphere of Mme Lannes’ meetings words lost their complacency and the slightest half-truth hung in the air, scandalously opaque. Refresh and try again. Gurdjieff that in all that we do, we must have an inside and an outside aim. Attention comes through my feelings, my body—all my centres can give different kinds of attention. Then, gradually, in the late s, her health began to betray her; the English climate grew insupportable and her winter breaks in France became more extended.

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I am less blind and my attention is less taken by no matter what, no matter who.

Attention Is the Fire of Our Being

Fall Issue, Vol. She said that if we, the most indebted to Madame Lannes, could touch others spiritually, transmitting a definite quantity of finer energy, Madame Lannes need not come down to earth again… We sat in immaculate silence. Open Preview See a Problem?

Who would spoil everything by masquerading as a representative disciple of such a woman? Indeed she built one. Lannees the incentive for trying again can become a little stronger if it corresponds to something we need. A different kind of attention, active, collected. As for me, only the grace of Henriette Lannes’ mysterious promise disarms the desolate certitude that I shall not look upon her like again… One year after her passing, on 27 MayMadame de Salzmann held a special Studio group for certain people.