Pay for Performance and Evaluation System Summary. November Monroe County. Agenda. Pay for Performance. Process breakdown. Halogen Software. Halogen eAppraisal™ Education transforms this administrative task into a strategic activity, so your organization can drive accountability and make the review. Herndon, Virginia-based Network Solutions selected Halogen eAppraisal™ to automate performance evaluations for more than employees in multiple.

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Choose from the feedback types and icons provided, or configure your own. The Employee Lifecycle Pack is included free with Halogen eAppraisal, and gives you a head start by providing you with a comprehensive library of form templates that address every stage of the employment lifecycle, so you can be sure you: Now you no longer have to guess!

Enable leaders to quickly see how each individual is contributing to the organizational strategy. Traditional employee profile applications have promised much, but delivered very little business value to the organization.

Track Progress Now you no longer have to guess! A web-based multi-module management system designed by Halogen Software Inc.

Use Feedback Central to eappaisal ongoing coaching and feedback outside of formal appraisals. Toggle between different graphical representations bar charts, pie charts, dot charts, eappraiaal.

See our case study on savings. Track and update goals in real time using Halogen Mobile.

When it comes to performance management workflow, you know what works best for your organization. Professional looking performance evaluation forms that are easy to create and maintain are just a click away! Automatic reminders and graphical status indicators help keep goals on target.

Engaged employees are proven to be more halogrn and passionate, leading to higher returns. Plus, everything you need for performance appraisal creation, progress monitoring, and content storage is centralized for quick reference and easy retrieval. Quick fingertip access to all hxlogen information managers need to provide accurate and meaningful feedback on each employee — from journal notes, self-evaluations, multirater assessments, past appraisals and talent profiles, to employee goals and development plans and more… Ensure greater detail and consistency in providing feedback on employee ratings eaprpaisal providing a common library of comments and coaching tips that are used by all managers across the organization.


Halogen eAppraisal

Talk with a Software Expert…. No reviews have been submitted. Easily record key accomplishments, awards, or recognition about yourself or others while the event and details are still top of mind. Haogen seasoned and skilled implementation teams are also dedicated to helping you meet your specific deadlines. We all know how hard it is to remember what we did 3 months ago, let alone a year ago. See what progress is being made on goals and schedules, and identify any areas needing attention using our real-time reports.

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Free yourself from nagging — and eapprraisal time and hassle it takes. Employees clearly understand how their productivity contributes directly to the success of their team, business unit and the organization. Preset automatic email notifications and reminders to ensure performance appraisals are completed properly and on time.

Hxlogen sophisticated scoring and weighting measures based on what performance indicators you value for each employee or position. Build in multiple approval steps — up to four managerial levels of approval in addition to HR — to suit your needs. Creating your own performance appraisal forms is really quick and easy.

Get the Information You Need Dashboard reports require no configuration — data is automatically presented based on your reporting structure. Easily Define Who Does What, When Configure your performance management process workflow with point and click simplicity — no need for IT or vendor involvement.

Make Better Informed Talent Decisions Managers can easily couple Talent Profile information with data from your talent management processes, to get the information they need to make informed decisions — all from one central location. Click through to underlying or supporting reports for more detailed information.


Halogen eAppraisal | Human Resource Software | Reviews, Pricing

The beauty of Halogen eAppraisal” flexible employee evaluation forms is that they adapt to your performance appraisal system rather than imposing a narrow template or a fixed number of options. Evaluation Forms The beauty of Halogen eAppraisal” flexible employee evaluation forms is that they adapt eappriasal your performance appraisal system rather than imposing a narrow template or a fixed number of options.

Check for questionable words eaplraisal comments that can lead to legal headaches. Halogen eAppraisal is a flexible, feature-rich employee performance appraisal software solution that replaces today’s time-consuming ‘computerized paper’ performance appraisals with a galogen to use web-based system for employee performance appraisal. And because our suite is tightly integrated, they can access Talent Profiles from any module, wherever they support the talent process at hand.

Setup different types of reviews: Get straight-forward, line-of-sight views of cascaded corporate goals for both managers and employees: Choose from a menu of 27 different process steps and define their order to create your customized assessment workflow. It acts as a cloud based performance hub to ensure a thoughtfully integrated approach to talent halogeh across your organization.

Reap the Rewards Organizations that align employee goals with organizational strategy have a much higher probability of successfully executing their business plans. Create Employee Development Plans You can create career and professional development plans as part of the employee performance appraisal process or independently.

Just as you can align employee and organizational goals, Halogen eAppraisal lets you link development activities to specific competencies. Its extensive authoring aids and point-and-click simplicity dramatically improve HR and line manager productivity, resulting in professional quality reviews in a fraction of the time. For example, how well was haloten competency demonstrated, how frequently was it demonstrated, how important is it, etc.