REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEGREE OF. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE. IN. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. FSAE Chassis and Suspension. Hello forum. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. One of the overwhelming problems that I’m having is figure out the step by step. This article deals with design of Formula SAE Suspension by considering various loads and their simulation on each component of the system.

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Start by 2D visualizing. The suspension permits control of the vehicle direction. Study the pneumatic tires very well Results 1 to 10 of It would be interesting to investigate further to see how much is the influence of a different stiffness distribution configuration. Moreover generally for a driver low chassis movements are better for the feeling. One of the best softwares out there is OptimumK however it is not for free.

OptimumLap would be a good place to start as it will give you a decent idea of what really affects laptime on one suspenwion these cars. The cars are judged, by industry specialists, on a number of criteria in different typologies of events, both statics and dynamics.

Milliken Research Associates, Inc.

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How far up the helix can you get in your FSAE tenure? The step input has been used to find out the two best configurations amongst the possibilities and to present only the most relevant and useful results for the other inputs. Remember that the tires are the only contact you have between the supsension mass and the ground. I remember watching a video where Mr. Secondly; Start by tires User Name Remember Me?


The sine is used to represent road perturbations, depending on the frequency and the amplitude it could be roughness of the asphalt or a more severe pattern like circuit kerbs, suspfnsion in our case. What do you want to achieve? Note that the input in this case is cyclic.

The next thing that becomes obvious is the teams that have a good car design, suspensioj the cars that dialed in one very in particular if you watch it. Contact Us Archive Top. One thing that can be noticed is actually how bumpy the track is.

If you want to reduce fabrication cost for the year, you may want to stick to the tires and wheels you already have. Suspeneion as much as you can, follow the groundwork that’s already been laid out from years of people before you. If tires change, what becomes different.

You won’t be able to be sure about the results unless you have tire data! The frequencies for the chassis movement have been calculated with the linearization element and are from 3. What are the specifications associated with your functional requirements.


Analysis of a FSAE suspension system |

B2 Medium spring and high damping coefficient: Then start analyzing the results from the softwares such as the camber change due to body roll, bump, droop Hello Benn, First warm greetings and afterward; I’m a beginner too so don’t take this as an expert talk One of the overwhelming problems that I’m having is figure out the step by step process in designing the suspension system.

Fsas your topic it had been discussed quite alot, But I’m going to share what I got anyway. Then go back to your model and edit it again and analyze once more and start iteration. What are the functional requirements, for the suspension sub-system, these should emerge from the functional requirement of the car. The chassis is fixed to the ground for the stiffness test by a bracket joint, which is removed for the other tests.

These specifications should be written in a table for fast reference. Is there a reason why many have converged on a certain concept?

It should be very helpful too. I have written down one approach, there is no “best” one, but this is systematic, and “relatively” simple since it seems to be your first go at it: