Book Review # Durgastamana By Ta. Ra. Su. Posted by Pradeep T. Title: Durgastamana (Durga’s Sunset). Author: Taluku Ramaswami. Kannada): Ta Ra Su. ADD TO CART. BUY NOW. Home · Books. Durgastamana (A Historical Novel In Kannada): Ta Ra Su (Hardcover, Kannada, TA RA SU). Durgastamana (ದುರ್ಗಾಸ್ತಮಾನ) in Kannada by Ta. Ra. To read this book you need to Download the Dailyhunt App on your phone.

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The results need not be mentioned here, as everyone knows what might have happened. As expected, Madakari Nayaka excels in his studies, his other education specifically designed for to be king.

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Durgastamana (ದುರ್ಗಾಸ್ತಮಾನ), Ta. Ra. Su | Download on Dailyhunt

Apart from this, the few leftover Maratha warriors argued about payment issues and never took part in the war whole heartedly. Subba Durgastamanxor TaRaSu. Reading this novel requires a dedication and patience.

Prior to writing this novel, TaRaSu had written several books about Chitradurga’s glorious past under the Nayakas.

Finely written characters and excellent narration make it a delightful read. Parashurama Nayakathe biok brother of Madakari Nayaka, who grew up in the school durgastamana book Minister Kalli Narasappayya, has gained much knowledge in durgastamana durgasta,ana ministerial proceedings of his Kingdom. Nov 25, Srinidhi Kasagar rated it it was amazing. Other Books By Author. This Hyder Ali was not a friend and not an enemy to any of his fellow kings, he only wish was to be the undisputed ruler across the India.


Kasturi Kankana Ta Ra Su. The effort and the details that the author went on to create this book is visible in every chapter. As durgastamana book this book, the war between Hyder Ali and Madakari Nayaka that went on for almost 8 months to durgastamana durgastamaan year is dugastamana battle that was never seen before and never after.

Hosahagalu Ta Ra Su. Su has literally given his life to complete this novel.

The young king is trained in the art of kingship by KaLLi Narasappayya, the able prime minister of Chitradurga, and Obavvanaagati, mother of Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka II, and soon blossoms into a capable administrator and fearless warrior. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Apart from this, the few leftover Maratha warriors argued about payment issues and never took part in the war whole heartedly. As the name lit: International Shipping at best shipping prices! He hands over these forts to the Marathas in exchange for their friendship and money.

Durgastamana ( ದುರ್ಗಾಸ್ತಮಾನ )

Insights Insights, Account, Orders. Relations between Chitradurga and Mysore slowly begin showing signs of strain.

As per my knowledge, nobody can write historical novels like Tha Ra su. Durgaastamana is a historical novel by well known Kannada novelist and scholar T. To make that possible, he was ready to go to any extent. Initially, he approaches Madakari Nayaka for bokk much needed help, which was offered by Madakari Nayaka after consulting and taking advices from his minister Kalli Narasappayya.


His fearless attitude, his untainted charisma, his able administration, is a true testimonial of how great the Chitradurga during his time. Want to read this again and also want to read this in the fort bolk Chitradurga to get fully transported.

The rest of the novel is about the inexorable progress of the two kingdoms towards an durgastamana book confrontation. To his astonishment, Madakari Nayaka finds out greater details than he was expected, which he questioned his Minister Kalli Narasappayya in the open court, that lead to the resignation of Kalli Narasappayya on the grounds of treason.

There is no doubt Durgastamana is not the only one of a fascinating historical novel but one of a fascinating novel in the Kannada. With time, durgastamxna, the Marathas become disunited and their internal strife leads to Hyder Ali gaining an upper hand once again.

Sad part was, when this book was awarded the Kendra Sahitya Academy in the yearthe author was not alive to receive it personally.