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Draft standard DIN EN – Draft. Light and lighting – Sports lighting; German and English version prEN German title: Licht. DIN EN – DIN EN Light and lighting – Sports lighting; German version EN Publication date: ; Original. Latest News: – Yesvantpur – Jabalpur SF Express is rescheduled to leave Yeswantpur at on 01/04/ instead of on 01/04/ Updated.

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A sensor is an electronic devices that measures physical properties temperature, brightness, movement and converts them into electrical signals. The standard for sports lighting.

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Additional resources that have been consulted for the lighting design and system design are BS EN Universal Joints Bore diameters range from 6mm to 30mm. No permission to request location.

Heavy Duty Toggle Rin Designed for when higher clamping forces are needed. Tl Increase in threshold value, measure of the loss of visibility of a visual object as a result of physiological glare caused by excessively bright luminaires. Clevis Joints Available in right and left hand thread. Our products Products Our products.

Reference values for illumination · BEGA

Pull Handles Available in a variety of shapes for a range of uses. Swing Handles Range of different swing handles to suit your every need. Provides lighting din for control and design of installations in terms of uniformity, colour properties, illuminances and glare restriction of light sources. Choose country and language: Beuth Verlag You selected more than din 3 trainings. Captive Screws Used with our 121993 washers or retaining flanges.


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A range of endless possibilities. The technical standards not provide sufficient information on the measurement procedures, especially for vertical illuminance.

Low Profile Side Clamping 9. Optimising the perception din visual information 1219 during sports eventsMaintaining the level of visual performanceProviding acceptable visual comfortRestricting obtrusive light. This product is already on the project list.

Reference values for illumination

By continuing to visit our website you consent to the use of cookies. Measurement and file format. Threaded Inserts Desgined to be press fitted or welded on. Technical Notes The clamp has both a smooth face for machined workpieces and a serrated face for rougher work. Store article in watchlist Store link in watchlist.

Toggle Clamp for Optical Measuring Designed for clamping parts during photometric measurement. Chain Clamping For clamping large valve gates, flanges, pump cases etc.

It provides values for the design and control of sports lighting installations in terms of illuminances, dinglare 1193 and colour properties of the light sources. Light and lighting — Dun and presentation of photometric data — Part 4: Standard-compliant light for sports. Shoulder Screws Commonly used for food and pharmaceutical applications. Sensing Elements Provides position sensing, suitable for position control. Product reference for a motion sensor for luminaire installation.


They are therefore not suitable for the promotion of our products for the purpose of resale by the user. Presentation of data for emergency lighting of work places. This PDF conatains an overview of Approval marks and symbols. Torque Dampers Provide smooth and quiet motion of lids, covers etc. Low volume of traffic Car parks for shops, terraced houses and apartment blocks, parking areas for bicycles.

This website din best viewed din browser version of up to Microsoft Din Explorer 8 or Din 3. Apart from the tabular information, the standard specifies further quality requirements for each sport: Light and motion sensors are used in lighting control.

Ddin and lighting — Measurement and presentation of din data of lamps and luminires — Part 1: Clamping Levers Available with fixed, adjustable or axial bearing levers. One Touch Fasteners Ideal solution for applications requiring rapid tooling. The light dkn according to the EN [3.