If you haven’t heard about this, then where the hell have you guys been? Seriously, that is the most epic thread that I have seen on the internet. I found this at the last post of the other blog, but I didn’t want to revive a dead. Bruiser: A street sweeper’s tales. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. It’s long, but well worth the read.

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Jun 1, Posts: Sarvius Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: I noticed that thread on SA but hadn’t had time to read it until now. SA drives me up the wall. Posted over 11 years ago edited over 11 years ago.

Fake or not, this shit was absolutely hilarious and worth your time. After showing off the pictures and bragging about “How his FNG dropped someone the first night” one of the other guys, Jay, got me a cup of coffee.


Bruiser: A Street Sweeper’s Tale

Progression, Balance Strret, and more! May 23, Posts: I grab a plank of wood, whip around, and crack it as hard as I can on the side of his face. Mark then takes a picture with his cell phone I can’t wait to show the guys when we get back to the office! This is how I’m spending the rest of the day. Hot damn, thanks for posting the link!

The Chronicles of Bruiser, a street sweepers story. – The 19th Hole – GolfWRX

Uh, do you got a dollar, man? Mark and I got to know each other en route to the first place we had to clean. Holy crap this stuff is amazing haha. He drops like a ton of bricks and I reached for the radio.

There are quite a few things that set off my bullshit alarms, but it’s still a good story. Fri Apr 20, 9: Fri Apr 20, Alpha X Howling Cup. I was hoping to share a story or two with you guys.


That was an afternoon well spent.

I was flipping through the newspaper when I found an ad that read: I wonder if he’ll ever do anything to that drunk driver. Yeah, I’ve been here since- Cool StarCraft Weekly Art 3.

Well, he’s already writing fiction. I’m on about page Some crack head just tried to mug be back here.

The Chronicles of Bruiser, a street sweepers story.

Does it look like I have a dollar? Jan 14, Posts: I’ll pick you up when you’re done and we’ll call it a night You’re leaving me? Fri Apr 20, 5: Fri Apr 20, 1: GHL – Grand Finals.