A more advanced follow up program for graduates of Bootyful Beginnings. The most significant difference vs. Bootyful Beginnings is that the rep. Hi Ladies, I started Bret Contreras’ bootyful beginnings program after being recommended a few times on here. As I’m sure quite a few of you. A collection of workouts created by Samantha R. in Workout Trainer for the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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I figured if I just kept squatting it would figure itself out and I was plain wrong. Alternating sets would save some time too and might beginningz improve your strength.

Bootyful Beginnings – Workout Collection – Workout Trainer by Skimble

I assume it’s fine for me to just do the bodyweight stuff, then switch the weighted exercises, or vice versa? Remember weight loss is not always the motivation for fitness, and is not always the right answer.

But beyinnings never know until you try it, the way you suggested might work for you just fine. I ran Booty-ful beginnings the full course pretty much as written, but I’m now on week 13 and swapping out a lot blotyful exercises. MeandYou 10 months ago Anyone done These? I think that is the case, if in doubt ask Brett.

But I’ll be honest I barely have any idea what I am doing so listen to everyone else’s advice. How necessary is that? If I’m able to add weights as asked above it doesn’t make sense for me to do box squats immediately followed by bench presses as I’d be switching between stations and don’t want to be that person hogging both the bench and the squat rack. The first exercise is always one that helps “activate your glutes” and I do feel like it helps do the rest of the routine correctly using primarily glutes instead of legs Strong Curves is a very customizable program, so I wouldn’t worry too much!


Lower body movements, it depends on what they are. Yep, bootyful beginnings and the Bodyweight one. My only thought on the order is that I have a feeling you should always do the first exercise first. Thank you for this in depth response, I very much appreciate it and I’ll keep your point re: DaniGirl03 10 months ago MeandYou: Most important is that you keep training. I wasn’t strong enough to be squatting the weights I was beginninngs and I just kept ignoring all the signs.

XXFitness is for female and gender non-binary redditors who are fit, want to be fit, like reading about fitness to put off getting fit, or have goals related to fitness. Beinnings everyone it really is appreciated. I’m just wondering if it is going to harm my progress by changing which exercises I super set? I did see progress and improvement all over, not just glutes.

I hope I’m not doing anything wrong.

Gluteal goddess/ bootyful beginnings Bret contreras

I never do the supersets, because yeah I go to a small gym. Will it be an issue if I was to superset the glute march with the squat and then th seated row with the incline press? As long as you’re hitting the same muscle groups the programmed exercise hits you should be fine. Ok hold up I’m on my 4th week of StrongLifts, what was wrong with your form?? Doing hip thrusts on the leg extension machine is just genius.

I decided to switch to Strong Curves in hopes the focus on lower body will help improve my squat form, and I’m starting from the beginning to ease my way back into strength training. I don’t always do the supersets.

beginnihgs Keep up boootyful awesome work. They may come in any form. PM me or ask me on FB: Strong Curves “Bootyful Beginnings” questions: I feel like my bum starts quite high up on my back so not sure if that may be some of the issue? Most expensive book I own!! Instead I would do all of the glute marches, do the upper body supersets, and then do all of the squats.


Do you suggest doing this before every glute workout BrotherWolf? Want to add to the discussion? Originally Posted by LunaLifts.


The moderators also do private form checks should you feel uncomfortable about posting a public video. I never tend to feel anything in my glutes unless I work my abductors. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Originally Posted by sardelsa. From the sounds beginninsg things though, I think I’ll just go ahead and buy a copy. I’ve noticed a few discussions on the forum regarding glute activation so I’ll definitely take a look through until I’ve ordered and received the book.

I know that alternating sets is similar to supersets bootyfhl don’t really know too much about alternating. It tends to be the glute bridges and glute marches where I feel it a lot in my lower back and hammies. My knees would bend inwards, I had trouble lining my feet up correctly as one would always be more angled or farther beginnings, and dropping to parallel would inevitably, no matter what I did, end with me leaning forward and my knees passing my toes.

You may need to play with foot positioning as well during the workout. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.