David Andrew Gemmell was a British author of heroic fantasy, best known for his debut novel, .. Wolf in Shadow () · The Last Guardian (); Bloodstone ( ). Omnibus: The Complete Chronicles of the Jerusalem Man (). Bloodstone is the third novel in the Jon Shannow series written by David Gemmell and follows the events in Wolf in Shadow and the Last. A brand-new edition of the second novel in fantasy legend David Gemmell’s classic Jon Shannow series.

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Gemmell preferring to go to bed late, with his wife favouring an early bloodstkne, on 28 July she was surprised to wake up to discover the bed empty. His most recent Drenai and Rigante novels are available as Corgi paperbacks; all are Sunday Times bestsellers.

The biggest problem is that it does rely very heavily – as did the other Jon Shannow books – on the reader swallowing any This would ordinarily be a 3-star review but I finished it in one session, so there. John Shannow is one bloodstohe the greats. A Time of Dread. The beginning is very unexpected as we see a very different Jon Shannow.

Probably only worth reading if you’ve read some of the previous David Gemmell Shannow novels. Caught one night performing these forbidden rites, Mehr is brought to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics, who try to force her into their service by way of dwvid arranged marriage.


Bloodstone (Sipstrassi : Jon Shannow, book 3) by David Gemmell

Confusing, back and forth time travel Tolkien, and Stan Lee. The Fall of Dragons. After all, if the author introduced a As I conclude this trilogy, I can’t help but think these books were naught but an experiment for Gemmell, maybe even a creative exercise in between his other, more consistent sagas. Nobody there expected to die. A lot, in retrospective, like The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, only with a heck of a lot less talk and a heck of a lot more bullets.

The Bloodstone is a villain that is truly fantastic and horrific. The time travel aspect of the plot is mind-bendingly awesome. Also by David Gemmell.

If they can only survive Tarsha’s brother and the Druid who betrayed Drisker Arc, they might stand a chance of defeating the Skaar. Hero in the Shadows. After reading Koontz’s third Frankenstein book where he just completely punted and other series that fall under their own weight, I like Gemmell better and better.

The ending is a bit of a doozy as well.

David Gemmell – Wikipedia

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend. Post apocalyptic world, magic stones and the ultimate threat is going to destroy multitude of worlds.

But when a dragon awakens – the size of a mountain and leaving great chasms in its wake – the veil is torn, flooding the land with ancient magic and forgotten races.


Preferring reading books to fighting, he was compelled to take up boxing by his stepfather, who insisted he learn how to stand up for himself without “hiding behind walls or running away”, this philosophy informing much of Gemmell’s later writing. The tyrannical rule of the Deacon and his Jerusalem Riders has unleashed upon the world gemmekl sea of bigotry and hatred, where Unbelievers and Mutants are massacred in the name of God and Peace.

I don’t like to believe that, but it’s the reality of life, so perhaps I shouldn’t have studied the Alamo.

Apr 24, Dan Schwent geemmell it really liked it Davud it for: Retrieved 23 November Stories included in this collection: Known for his strong characterisation, he attributed this to his tendency to draw from real life; having been acquainted with violent men, he understood and enjoyed writing them. We need to use cookies to do this. This takes a slightly left of field approach to the material, enhancing the previous back story while going in some unusual directions which I liked.

Read it Forward Read it first. The first four novels were published in an omnibus edition as Stones of Power: