Introduction Automounting enables a system to automatically mount and unmount NFS resources wheneve they are accessed. The resource. NFS & AutoFS. Configuring NFS: NFS(Network File System): This file system is implemented by most unix type OS(SOLARIS/LINUX/FreeBSD). NFS seamlessly . Hi, i’m new to Solaris,i have this task which need to be completedand i couldn’t find a peoblem is i have a Server-A and Server-B i.

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Steps to use autofs to access a CacheFS file system.

How to enable/disable automount debugging in solaris 10 and solaris 11

Specifies NFS as the file system type. How to Stop the Automounter. It provides read only access to the mounted file system. When troubleshooting, start the autofs programs with the verbose -v option.

The following is a simplified overview of how autofs works. If the first mount attempt fails this option specifies to retry mount in background foreground.

Instead of mounting a file system from a server, you put the media in the drive and reference the file system from the map.

AutoFs Config in Solaris 10

After the largest subset of servers with the same version of the protocol solqris found, that server list is sorted by proximity. If needed, make the following entry: How to Apply Autofs Security Restrictions. By default these values are unspecified. Force use of the public file handle when mounting a file system. If the highest version on the local subnet also represents the most servers, the highest version is selected.


Software projects typically consume substantial amounts of disk space. Autofs is attempting to mount over an existing mount point.

Set permissions to Using a public file handle with autofs. The service tries to use the public file handle on the NFS server. The mount process includes the creation of the trigger nodes. Also, since no files are being cached in the front file solsris, CacheFS-specific mount options, which are meant to affect the front file system, are ignored.

solaris 10 – Unable to mount nfs share using autofs on solaris10 – Stack Overflow

Less known Solaris Features: If you plan to access non-NFS file systems and you are autors autofs, see the following procedures. CacheFS improves the performance of certain file systems by utilizing a small, fast local disk. Autofs cannot receive replies iin any of the servers in a list of replicated file system locations.

You can influence the selection of servers at the same proximity level by adding a weighting value to the autofs map.

At boot time autofs is invoked by the service svc: Hosam about End of c0t0d0s0. Non existence of mount point on client. See the previous example. Network File System Administration Tasks. An error occurred when looking up an entry in a NIS map. Keys in direct maps must be full path names. Contact Sun for assistance. A required mount point can exist only in a file system that cannot be mounted, which means the file system cannot be exported.


Check the mountd daemon; pgre -fl mountd If the mountd daemon is not running, start it using: Likewise, if the local subnet consists of version 2 servers, they are given preference over remote subnets with version 3 and version 4 servers. If several servers that support the same protocol are on the local subnet, the time to connect to each server is determined and the fastest server is used.

This section presents a list of the error messages that autofs generates. Sometimes it’s not allowed to share your home between different servers.

We will use solarjs map later in this article. Multiple locations are useful in an environment where individual servers might not export their file systems temporarily. You can use variables anywhere in an entry line except as a iin. Indirect map keys must be simple names, not path names.

View my complete profile. We create the accounts for Waldorf and statler without creating a homedirectory. Note – Use solarie procedure if you are not using Volume Manager. Steps to set up an autofs map that supports different client architectures. However, now the sorting process is more complex.

Now without the -m -Switch and directly with the correct homedirectory.