Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Official Homepage -. View the location of Ameyoko(Ameya-Yokochō) on a map! Find the address, how to get there and more in our map page. Get localized now!. See a Google Map of the Ameyayokocho (“Ameyoko”) area. Use the search box in the larger map to locate specific.

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Hotel Parkside Tokyo is a minimal but comfortable mid-range hotel about meters west of Ameyoko, overlooking the Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park. We ameyojo their Ohyama Tokusei deluxe Menchi, which is a handmade breaded and fried ball of juicy ground meat and onion.

Busy shopping street where goods are cheap and thrills are priceless. They all tasted amazing and were just the perfect thing to warm up on a winter day! Many stores focus on selling one kind of item only, such as handbags, or artisanal denim jeans. We saw the menu and knew immediately what we wanted to try: View trays of glistening, freshly caught fish that run for reasonable prices. Although only a short meters long, Ameyoko boasts around shops!

Chano Kiminoen has many different Japanese teas for you to buy as well as matcha ice cream that you can have right there!

Ueno is something of a down-market area, meaning that the hotels here are generally budget. Tea and other items specially made to ameyook given as gifts are available for purchase at Chano Kiminoen. The temple is an oasis of comparative calm in this raucous district. They told us that something they have that none of the stores in the area do is a slow juicer, which makes their juice simply better than the rest!

While it may not be the most Korean dish you can think of, the smoothie was delectable and definitely made with fresh pineapple—we could tell!


The takoyaki at Minatoya is served with none of the usual sauce, katsuo flakes, seaweed, or mayonnaise on it.

For just yen, you can get a matcha ice cream cone that will be the perfect dessert after enjoying all these foods in Ameyoko! To make navigating the many buildings and floors as easy as possible, Takeya also features multilingual floor guides in each shop, as well as multilingual staff.

Can’t-Miss Events, Expos and More! Enter Ameyoko and you may wonder if you are even in Japan.

There are also ready-to-eat snacks like takoyakiyakitori chicken skewers and pineapple pieces on sticks. The entire store is structured to accommodate to the needs and interests of travelers from abroad. Here we tried one of their spicy mala hot pots, some fried dumplings, and a Chinese meat pie. Tokyo New Year A year later, WeChat Payment was added. Written by Lindsey Schultz Top image credit: Other popular snack recommendations include the KitKat Otona no Amasa Matcha flavor a box of 12 for yen, tax includedas well as the Sennarido Wasabi Pistachios g for 1, yen, tax included.

Next to Union Pay and WeChat Payments having been implemented, Chinese speaking staff is constantly available, and the store is designed in a way that allows shoppers to freely move about the aisles even when carrying shopping baskets or large bags.

One of them is Ameyoko in Uenoan atmospheric open-air market that offers various stores selling a massive selection of fashion, cosmetics, drugs and medicine, and even fresh food at almost ridiculously cheap prices. Drug store – Very Shinaoyama.

Ameyoko | The Official Tokyo Guide

Tentenraku Chinese Street Food. Just a few steps from Shinjuku Station, this hotel ranks among Tokyo’s best values. Oh, and be sure to wait a few minutes before eating, as these are fresh and extra hot in the middle! One of Tokyo’s most popular hotels and best values, a minute walk ameyokl the station. Ameyoko began life as a black market mainly for sugary, sweet potatoes after World War II.


Ameyayokocho Shopping

This bowl has tuna, salmon, negitoro, squid, and salmon roe on top of white rice for just yen with the half-size being yen! With a convenient location just outside the ticket gates and ameyooko in front of the shopping street, it serves as a casual shopping stop for both commuters and wmeyoko alike. The atmosphere at Tentenraku is definitely different than the others featured in this article, as it really felt like we were in China at one of their markets!

Alternatively, “Ame” also stands for “America”, because a lot of American products used to be available there when the street was the site of a black market in the years following World War Two.

South of Ameyoko, across the main Kasuga-dori Street, and a little west is the Ueno branch of the Matsuzakaya Department Storeand a little east—on the other side of Okachimachi Station—is a concentration of jewelry and gem retailers, large and small.

Ueno’s Ameyoko – Tokyo’s Charismatic Shopping Paradise of Amazing Deals

Google Map to Tokudaiji Temple. Recommended places for first-time visitors to Tokyo. While Japan is known for their expensive fruit, Hyakkaen New Fruit is a shop focused on providing you with the best fresh fruit products ameyooko a more reasonable price!

The shops here not only stock off-the-shelf foods, but there are fishmongers and butchers, too, selling distinctly non-Japanese-style fish, poultry and meat.

The mp “Ameyoko” is a short form for “Ameya Yokocho” candy store alleyas candies were traditionally sold there. Shopping at Omotesando Harajuku: